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Tile Size 2 km x 2 km continues in SimCity 2013

When questioned about the size of the tile, Maxis answered:
25) Zakerias: 

Hello Kip, Ocean and Dan,

I have two questions: 1. Could you tell something about the maximum size of a city? Will it be the same scale as a massive city in 3 & 4, or should we expect final cities to be a bit smaller because of the new Glassbox engine? 2. What do you think will be the biggest gameplay improvement over SimCity 4?


[Dan] The size of our new cities are roughly equivalent to the SC4 medium sized city (2 kilometers square). That said, you can connect cities together inside a region and build out a network of connected cities - each city providing different resources and abilities to its neighbors and the region. For example, one city could be a residential suburb which provides workers every day to a nearby industrial city. The industrial city could be providing power to the suburb. You can play both of these cities yourself, or even run the entire region by yourself, or invite a friend to help out.

That's right, the same miniscule size 2x2 present in SimCity 4 will also be the default size for the new SimCity 2013.

Everyone remembers that the large cities in SimCity 4 was a big illusion, it was just a bunch of small buildings that only varied in height according to the chosen density.

Moreover, the high density areas in SC4 were small to create the false impression that the space 2x2Km was great. In SC4, the land occupied by large skyscrapers is unreal, for this reason it was up more buildings.

For example, the Burj Khalifa occupies an area of 0.334 km², the Empire State Building occupies an area of 0.257 km², Los Angeles City Hall occupies an area of 0.046 km² and the Triumph Palace in Russia occupies an area of 0.17 km².

Manhattan is full of skyscrapers has an area of 59.5 km² (almost 15 times larger than the standard size 2x2 of SimCity 4). 
Manhattan is only 7.17% of the total area of the city of New York.

Everyone knows that no city with over than 1 million for more densely populated it is, it does not fit within an area of 4 km². But this absurd situation was possible in SimCity 4.

Now in SimCity 2013, fantasy is another, is the decrease the default size of 2 x 2 Km. Will be 2x2 or 1x1?

In the new SimCity, you also will not be able to build a great city without dividing it into several pieces as has already occurred in SimCity 4.  Moreover, the version 2013 will be empty spaces non-editable, making it impossible to build a real big city or small town with rural areas even though fragmented.

It's the old fragmentation already present in SimCity 4, that is, you will not have a real big city, but a patchwork quilt full of empty spaces in the new SimCity.

Maxis say that you can create a great city based on a region with a lot of specialized small towns is a great illusion. Well, this only complicates the game, because you need to create a bunch of connections and manage several cities instead of a big city with only one town hall in a large area as in Cities XL. 


However, be satisfied with 2km by 2km in the same patterns of SimCity 4 for SimCity 2013 is also other nonsense. 

We don’t want to continue with this fantasy fragmentation of the time of SimCity 4 to be able to make a truly great city.

We want to build a real large city in a game without having to make a lot of connections and many town halls.

We want to regions that are regions of truth and I want cities that are cities of truth. Small towns are truly surrounded by rural areas and forests within the same map.
We don't want this idiot fragmentation instead of us having larger maps that ridiculous 2 x 2 km. We're not satisfied with that. 

We want an area larger than 2x2 Km and ready. At a minimum, a default tile size of 10 km by 10 km.

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  1. i agree!!! 100%! 2x2 km??? that means the end for me...

  2. Your blog is a terrific resource to get important info! Will you be mind if I pingback some of your blog articles on my personal site?

  3. I agree. For whatever reason, building small visually isolated towns daisy chained together is a massive step backwards from the regions in SC4. Plots in region mode should be adjacent to each other, tiles should come in sizes 2x2 5x5 10x10 and 20x20. Glassbox simulation should be scaled, I don't like how every building in SC2013 looks very isolated, I rather liked the 2.5d graphics in SC4.

    Oh and bring back agriculture, subways and terraforming... There are some nice steps forward, but too many drastic steps back.

  4. Good post. But why must there even be tiles? Why can't it be realistic in that the borders can be changed to however the hell we want them to be? They should be able to be as small and as irregularly shaped as villages and gated communities, small cities in larger regions like Hackensack and West Hollywood, large suburbs like the various OC municipalities, and if they were really generous, endless cities like Anchorage.

    Apparently there are no subways this time, a HUGE step down from not only Rush Hour, but Sim City 2000. Dear Lord.

  5. Ugh, not only are the maps small; but to top that off --->
    Everything fricking expands over your map like crazy.

    Town hall expands through many tilesets

    University expands through many tilesets

    Water pump expands through many tilesets

    Even the fricking oil well expands through many tilesets

    You run out of room faster than you can read this "." Your zoning manager screams at you to zone more forever after.

    Simply lame and stupid; Maxis EXPAND THE MAPS!

    Even if you just quadruple every pixel of the maps to get us 4x the room.

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